The Magic of Isaiah: Magic Made Easy, Session 2

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Magic Made Easy
A magic course where you can learn and perform at home for your family and friends. The Magic of Isaiah will teach several magic tricks using household items! A few of the tricks include: reading your volunteers mind, making a toothpick disappear & reappear, and a trick with cups & balls. The Magic of Isaiah is excited to be able to offer his class for budding magicians or those who are just curious. The only requirement is your imagination!

Course Length: About 30 minutes
All Are Welcome, but Geared for Ages 8+
View the Class in our Magic of Isaiah Facebook Group, which can be found here:

Session 1, Tuesday, June 23 @ 3:30 PM:
Supplies Needed - crayons, rubber band, tooth pick, clear tape, 3 cups, 4 craft balls (same color), deck of cards, 3 bandanas (different colors).

Session 2, Thursday, June 25 @ 2 PM:
Supplies Needed - spoon, fork, bandana, card box, cards, 2 paper plates, 3 quarters, tape, piece of paper, 3 pieces of construction paper (2 pieces the same color, 1 different), clear drinking glass, scissors, glue stick.

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