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Cardinal Heights Flute Choir is a group of 7 students ages 13-15 who just completed grades 8 and 9 at Cardinal Heights. 

One doesn’t normally think of flutes as anything special, but they do have different size flutes creating different voices, as in a vocal ensembles.The piccolos play the high soprano part.  The regular C-flute is your melody.  Then there are alto flutes and bass flutes.  The lower flutes may look “funny” to those not in band or orchestra, but they play an important role in bringing the beautiful flute sound to the lower range/register.  It is truly unique that the SPASD music department even owns these expensive and rare flutes for Middle and High school students to learn to play.

This flute choir performance is in advance of the National Flute Association Convention in Chicago (August 11-14).  These students were selected to go to this event  and have their own 30 minute performance at this convention, which is the 50th Anniversary of the NFA.  The last time the student flute choir attended was 25 years ago. The Sun Prairie Public Library is pleased to host them as they share this performance with the public!


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